Tal Wilkenfeld
1. May 2019 By Walter Price 0

About That Bass: TAL WILKENFELD – “Fistful Of Glass” (Love Remains LP)

Tal Wilkenfeld – ‘Love Remains’ is available now @ iTunes.

Tal Wilkenfeld

by Walter Price


With a history steeped in working alongside legendary names like Todd Rundgren, Trevor Rabin, and Jeff Beck, you’d expect go-to bassist Tal Wilkenfeld’s new solo album to be rich in artistic bass-heavy concoctions only understood by the most educated of musicians. And, yes, her bass wizardry is definitely a focused force. But what the album ‘Love Remains’ is truly about is a smorgasbord of thoughts, soundscapes, and inspirations.

Moments of singer-songwriter, prog, blues, and alternative living in a surprisingly cohesive universe. A collection further strengthened by Wilkenfeld’s delicately powerful voice. A delivery best experienced on tracks “Pieces of Me”, opener “Corner Painter”, “Haunted Love”, and the dynamic “Fistful Of Glass”.

“Fistful Of Glass”, a 90s-era alt radio throwback reminiscent of something you’d associate with works by Liz Phair or Juliana Hatfield. A song that adds another delicious ingredient to the multilayered brilliance that is ‘Love Remains’. So,┬áspoiler alert, if you’re looking for an album that’s only about that bass, you will be pleasantly disappointed.



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