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20. October 2014 By Walter Price 1

GTC Weekly Top Ten 20 October 2014

Global Texan Chronicles Horny Cow“Now the biggest bands are charging insane ticket prices or giving away music before it can flop in an effort to stay huge and there is something in this huge thing that kind of sucks.” – Iggy Pop

We’d like to thank Pauline Andrès for stopping by to say a little something about her late night haunting of a debut All Them Ghosts.

This week we soaked up the facts that were Gorillaz may be readying a new album, Primus is golden, Lindsay Mac has been right-on for some time now, Neil Young is amazing at being Neil Young, The Blank Tapes thankfully can’t stop releasing laid back rock and trippy pop, Grand Ole Opry inducts a Fleetwood Mac derivative, Snoop Dogg may be a pig and the zombie apocalypse could be near. Google time…

Rich GirlsHow was your week?

Thank You for stopping by these humble pages of all things the world’s best artists making authentic music. Xxoo

Here is what was read the most by you or someone you should get to know this past week 13 – 19 October 2014

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  2. Howlin’ Lord
  3. New Music SYCTB 14 October 2014
  4. Neil You Is Neil Young
  5. Talent Is Overrated
  6. Lindsay Mac Stop Thinking
  7. Catching Up With Hellsingland Underground
  8. Jubilee Riots
  9. Evan Egerer Is Rolling With Adele
  10. Hank Williams’ Your Cheatin’ Heart

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