Lindsay Mac Stop Thinking
17. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Lindsay Mac Stop Thinking

Lindsay Mac Stop ThinkingBy Walter Price  

“I’m nothing if not true” 

Lindsay Mac‘s music is interesting in bunches.

If Everyone Is Dirty’s DYING IS FUN had a more behaved cousin it would be Mac’s 2008 Stop Thinking.  Stop Thinking is an album of 11 diverse tracks utilizing wise instrumentation and lyrics traversing playful and soul searching… a little bit country, smidgen of alternative Rock N’ Roll, a dash of Kate Nash and whole lotta right-on. You will also like Catching Up With lovers Electric Standout out moments include the almost sarcastic arrangement on ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’,  the thickness of ‘Pavement’, the Dana Colley-esq tones on ‘Stop Thinking’ and the it shoulda been a major hit ‘Barbies & Broncos’. I will add that I’ve finally found a non-Beatles version of ‘Blackbird’ (hear it) I can dig. About time. The only problem not a problem is Mac seems to want to bust out and get wild at times but perhaps her background, the formal musical training prohibit a full-fledged wild child. That’s cool, none of my business. A new EP Animal Again is on the horizon; let’s hope it’s as much of a good time as Stop Thinking. Cheers. Lindsay Mac: Facebook / Website  

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