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10. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

GTC Weekly Top Ten 10 November 2014

“I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates Global Texan Chronicles Horny Cowthe writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music,” – Taylor Swift


Another week is now in the past and we continue to press forward.

This past week we soaked up that Led Zeppelin’s House of The Holy wasn’t going to go all victory, Lemmy Kilmister loves on ABBA, Matt Lowen hits the spot, Barack Obama and Willie Nelson should probably never ever release a duets album, The Church take us further than ever, Eamonn Dowd is an undiscovered Rock N’ Roll gem, The Blank Tapes & Andrea Schroeder hit the road (separately),  Ozzy Osbourne and family to return to the tube, Loretta Lynn is still awesome, Phil Rudd didn’t do the murder for hire dirty deeds (probably), Honeyblood get 50% new and this debate about what should be free and what shouldn’t still causes controversy.  Long live freedom of artist’s choice. Google time…

How was your week?

Thanks for stopping by this past week to check out what we consider the best music being made by the most intriguing artists out and about.

Here is a look at what was read the most by you and all the other lovelies who wanna keep music as real as possible. Your GTC Top Ten 3 – 9 November 2014


  1. Matt Lowen – ‘Last Year’s Leaves’
  2. Every Little Thing w/ Ken Michaels
  3. Andrea Schroeder – ‘Until The End’
  4. Review: Eamonn Dowd ‘Down A Hundred Crooked Roads’
  5. Chuck Berry Rockin’ 88
  6. Jubilee Riots Penny Black
  7. Review: Rival Sons ‘Great Western Valkyrie’
  8. Common social media mistakes made by musicians
  9. The Church – ‘Pride Before A Fall’
  10. Review: Black Star Riders ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’


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