ryley walker album
17. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

GTC Has Track Picks

ryley walker albumYou clamor the best and we have this week’s best…


Stop exploding your head worrying about the ekpyrotic scenario or how Velcro works and just except what is could possibly be.

Roll your windows down and loosen your death grip…The GTC has track picks from Rocky Votolato, Lancaster, JD McPherson, Rich Girls and Ryley Walker.


We did all the digging so you can just dig!


Ryley Walker: “Primrose Green”

Album: Primrose Green (Out Now)


JD McPherson“Let The Good times Roll”

Album: Let The Good Times Roll (Out Now)


Lancaster“As Wild As Tigers”

Album: Journeys (Out Now)


Rich Girls: “Worse”

EP: Fiver (Out Now)


Rocky Votolato: “Hospital Handshake” (video by Cardinal Sessions)

Album:Hospital Handshake (Out Now)