9. June 2014 By Walter Price 0

Good ole Solid Willie

By Walter Price
Recently there have been a few media events that have had me thinking about the ongoing debate about authentic country music verses pop driven sounds of some of the current household names and their bro-country counterparts.
George Strait is done with touring, Miranda Lambert duets with Carry Underwood and EricChurch teams up with Lizzy Hale. All in a short period of time and causing a kneejerk reaction of “What The Hell!” None of these events in themselves are devastating to the universe of country music but just a reminder of what I have always considered real country music and this list could go on for some time. But three names come to mind that stand the test of said time. Hank Williams, Bob Wills and Willie Nelson are these names.
Ultimately, when push comes to shove I always fall back on Willie and have been since I was 5 years of age. My mother has always had a grand vinyl collection turning me onto great sounds form a very early age. Names that have stayed with me to this day; Doobie Brothers, The Guess Who, Santana, Dr. Hook, Hank, Merle Haggard, KISS, Loretta Lynn and, of course, Willie Nelson. These are the names that were my gateway ‘drug’ into this lifelong passion for authentic music being made by earnest artists.
Willie fascinated my young enthusiastic soul. I named my first dog after him. A German Shaped. A sweet dog who decided to eat a box of Tide, sad times indeed. Got myself in trouble in my kindergarten talent day by singing Willie’s’ “I Gotta Get Drunk”. It was a different time. The more ya know…
This is now and I look around the country music landscape, as do most back to roots fans, and wonder who will have the cojones to step up and get things back on track. Is it too late? Is the writing on the wall? This debate is certainly not a new one but it is a great reason for me to share three Willie Nelson tracks you may or may not be familiar with. We all win when have have good ole solid Willie. 
“I Gotta Get Drunk” – Both Sides Now (1970)
 “The Part Where I Cry” – …And Then I Wrote (1962)
“Don’t Give Up” (w/Sinead O’Conner) – Across The Borderline (1993)