Rival Sons live
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Thoughts From Around The Web…Click Album Title For More Info.  Rival Sons – ‘Great Western Valkyrie(Earache) 
“We didn’t talk about a theme this time, but that’s a cool interpretation of it. We were just writing songs, that’s who we are. I think it would be terrible to go in and do that, and some contrivance if we went in to make a Motown record, just sounding like a bunch of white boys trying to do it. We just wanted to record the best songs possible, and about half way through, a theme will take shape and become clear to us. Almost like a writer. You know you’re writing a book, you know your central characters, but sometimes you have to get into the middle of it to go, ‘I’m changing the end, and I’m changing the whole idea what the book is – it’s not a thriller, not a romantic book’, and that’s how we write. Our instincts are a little sharper together now, and we’ve worked longer on this record than the others. We usually do 3 weeks, but this one we took about 6 weeks.” – Scott Holiday (w/ Greg Arthur AltSounds)
Chrissie Hynde – ‘Stockholm(Caroline)
“For 35 years, I’ve said, ‘I’ll never go solo’,” says Hynde. She laughs hoarsely, a tobacco-infused rasp. “But after a period of time – and this isn’t just for an artist, but for anybody – all the things you never wanted to do eventually become the only things left that you haven’t done. So they start looking pretty interesting.” – Chrissie Hynde (w/ Tim Lewis The Guardian)
Big Wreck – ‘Ghosts(Anthem)
“I’ve already met my expectations. The album is killer and I love it – that is where my expectations start and end.” – Ian Thornley (w/ Adam Grant RiffYou.com)
J.P. Kallio – ‘Read Between The Lines‘ 
“So my brand new (second) solo album, Read Between The Lines is out as you read this. This album follows the path I laid with “Northern Boy” of intimate songs in very basic acoustic arrangements. The songs themselves have hint darker quality to them, but also there are more up tempo numbers. The meat and the bones of this album are the stories, but at the same time not to forget about the hooks. I learned my craft by listening and taking apart some of my heroes albums, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Tom Waits over and over again. I never set out to recreate anything these masters have done, but it’s that style of songwriting and storytelling that was very important for me to capture. It is something I feel the modern “hit factory” music business has forgotten about. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic songwriters around these days and successful in their own right. And that is my aim, let the songs do the talking.” – J.P. Kallio
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