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2. December 2021 By Walter Price 0


Subterfuge – The Good Good is available at Bandcamp, Deezer, Apple Music.

the Good Good

by Walter Price

Düsseldorf’s purveyors of jangle return with a beautifully produced psych-soaked track, “The Good Good”. Described by the perpetual music makers as, “A Bedroom Pop type of song with a view into a typical tempestuous artist soul with writers blocks and doubts about one’s own relevance.” But it’ll take you many listens to dig into this weighty and all too familiar artistic subject matter.

Although this song is disguised as a lofi pop song, it isn’t, exactly. No, no, it’s deeper than first appearances my friends. This song is layered with The Beatles’ experimental reaches into the trippy side of sounds and textures. An era, as you know, that went on to spawn many other artists throughout history to build upon. And this track has done so as well, albeit with Subterfuge’s signature post-punk flair, of course. With your headphone on, earbuds in, and volume positioned on the upper levels, you’ll discover a whole new, nearly hidden world of sounds and production know-how one casual listen will miss.

The music video for “The Good Good”, directed by Lars Schmidt and Tom Blankenberg, is a maliciously sewn-together collection of surreal vignettes awash in color, movement, and light that adds to the psych nature of the breezy pop song. Stunning visuals that explore distractions and are icing on the cake for this already ear candy single.

According to the band’s record label, “The Good Good is out on Nov 19 on Less Records, distributed by Cargo Records. The forthcoming album Dots. will be available from Mar 4, 2022 via Less Records, Kocliko Records, and Shiny Happy Records, again distributed by Cargo Records.”


Band photo by Anika Potzler

Daniel Klingen
Kai Blankenberg
Lars Schmidt
Lorenz Naumann
Thomas Baumhoff
Tom Blankenberg

Music Video: Filmed and edited by Lars Schmidt and Tom Blankenberg

subterfuge the good good

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Formed in 1991 SUBTERFUGE are one of a handful German first generation Indiepop groups that are still around. Between 1993 and 2005 the band recorded four studio albums. Other priorities in life and solo projects came into the way of any joint activities, while time passed and Daniel, Kai, Lars, Lorenz, Tom, and Tommy stayed closest friends. Around 2 years ago the group came back together in their original line up to work on new material..” – bio

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