3. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Gogol Bordello

By C. Price

Not even 2 weeks ago Gogol Bordello released their 6th full-length album “Pura Vida Conspiracy”. Who that is? The band was founded in 1999 in New York City. Bands that influenced their music contain Fugazi, Manu Chao and The Clash. They also say their music is inspired by Gypsy music. So if you like to discover other musical traditions (and there are many) then “Pura Vida Conspiracy” is surely a good start to get to know the band. You also may have seen them in different movies over the past years like “Everything Is Illuminated” from 2005 in which lead singer Eugene Huetz co-starred with Elijah Wood or their own documentary called “Gogol Bordello Non-Stop” from 2008.

The bitter part is a few days ago Ukranian-born Eugene Huetz was sued by his ex band members for allegedly stealing a whole bunch of money from the band. We’ll see how that goes! For now Gogol Bordello are still scheduled to play a good amount of European concerts in November and December.

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