get the piss up
15. July 2021 By Walter Price 0

Excusé Moi?!, It’s time to, BROKEN BABY Get the Piss Up

Broken Baby – Get the Piss Up is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Get the Piss Up

by Walter Price

The heyday of the Riot Grrrl movement was a powerful reversal of gender roles. Some say it faded too soon, some say it never died, and I say it was the seed that spawned a new state of mind. And LA’s Broken Baby are here to keep those fires burning as they kick the walls down of conventional societal norms, with killer melodies to boot. All the while having maximum fun as they release blazing single after firecracker single.

And their new one, “Get the Piss Up”, is a new crunchy anthem full of tantalizing guitar licks and a pop sensibility that’ll have ya singing along while you party your ass off. You see, it’s no secret that Alex Dezen and Amber Bollinger are a powerful combo. Bollinger is an explosive vocalist with empowerment on her mind and Dezen is a songwriter that knows a thing or two about wordplay. And you can’t really have one without the other.

For example, what other band do you know that writes lyrics like, “It’s do or die at the coup d’etat” and “You can be the braver succubus savior.” and puts ’em in the same song? None. What does it all mean? Well, if you went verse by verse you’d conjure up all sorts of fascinating, individualized imagery. And that, again, is the power and/or magic of this duo. They want you to think about it. As long as you smile and are cool with one another at the end of it all…

Oh, and “Get the Piss Up”, comes replete with another kickass DIY (with help from Jordan Thompson) music video done in-house, literally, that finds the band throwing themselves a garage-disco-inferno full of growls and karate kicks that can not be missed.

It’s time to put that crusty lil ego of yours aside and let the sounds of Broken Baby dropkick you into a post-pandemic party time. It’s a blast!

BROKEN BABY Get the Piss Up

Band photo via Facebook

Broken Baby is Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen
Produced/mixed by Alex Dezen
Mastered by Whynot Jansveld
Mix assistance by Jon Kaplan
Production assistance by Pete Harper

VIDEO: By Broken Baby (additional cool effects and editing by Jordan Thompson)

get the piss up

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Broken Baby is the musical brainchild of veteran indie rocker/producer Alex Dezen (main songwriter and frontman for the now-defunct Brooklyn band The Damnwells) and Bollinger, a former college athlete and trained actor. As a working actor in Hollywood for years, Bollinger experienced seemingly unending sexual harassment and misogyny. If you follow the four-year-old band’s history, it’s clear that it was formed as a vehicle for Bollinger, both as a writer and performer, to channel her rage.” – band bio

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