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Sterling Grove and Ellyn Woods – Cabin Days EP is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

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by Walter Price

Spacious arrangements, indelible beats, mesmerizing airy vocals, and a chill earthy vibe that’ll captivate? Yeah, it’s the recent collaborative EP, ‘Cabin Days’, from Sterling Grove and Ellyn Woods. As the newly cemented folklore goes, “Cabin Days is about having a good time among friends, while vibing among nature, just as we did while recording in a cabin at St-Donat, Quebec. All songs were created and written while jamming in the studio, an inspiring contrast to writing songs in the city.”

And the lived tactile ambiance is this album’s signature mood and magic. And this release is certainly made all the better by said moments these good friends and collaborators shared while secluded. It’ll forever be a postcard for these burgeoning explorative artists and it’s pretty cool that they let the listener in on their musical adventure. And perhaps, these 5 tracks will serve as a soundtrack for your next getaway. You can’t get much better than nature, connectivity, and beats, after all…

You can stream the full ‘Cabin Days’ EP as well as see the retro-style homegrown music video, created by House of Youth Studios, now at the GTC.

Cabin Days EP

Sterling Grove photo via Bandcamp / E. Woods photo via Facebook

Performed by
Ellyn Woods, Sterling Grove

Written by
Billel Mansouri, Ellyn Woods, Marc Luciano, Stephen Robusto

Produced by
Marc Luciano, Stephen Robusto

ellyn woods sterling grove

Ellyn Woods // Sterling Grove

Track List
White Sails
Don’t Wanna Go
Good Days
Wake Up

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