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Gene Simmons On Rock Lifestyles

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By Walter Price

One of my all-time fav interviews was with KISS front-man Gene Simmons before the launch of his ill fated Tongue Magazine.
Not only did he talk up all of his genius but he also made some good points on why drink and drug never played roles in his personal rock n’ roll journey.
Well, he is still opinionated on the subject. 
Recently Simmons let loose some of his rock n’ roll lifestyle thoughts with repubblica.itand I think they are intersting things our favorite rockers (artists in general) should let rattle around in their clever brains before they possibly become part of the all too familiar darker side of music history that ultimately does no one any good. Or does it…
“There is a smart rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and a stupid rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. No one ever talks about the intelligent one, while the stupid one has always appealed to many,” 
And he went on…
“But in the end the coolest rock stars are all dead. Perhaps they were the coolest, but they are dead now. Jimi Hendrix is dead, Jim Morrison is dead, Kurt Cobain is dead… I am clever and I’ll survive because I live a smart rock ‘n’ roll life. I’ve never done drugs and it’s a personal choice, I am not interested in harming myself. If you want to run your personal marathon you gotta go at your own pace, it doesn’t matter if someone else overtakes you, the turtle will win, and turtles know rock ‘n’ roll.”
So true oh wise one.
Look, I am no preacher / teacher of anything remotely anti-drug and drink. I have absolutely all the understanding that without these two sometimes murky players the arts worlds would be far different, indeed.
With all that said he also stated
“People think that the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle is stupid, or destructive. Mutilating your body and poisoning your mind in the name of rock ‘n’ roll is, in fact, stupid. You should get the best from your life, without giving up any part of it.”
There ya go. Words to live by? 
In other Gene news. The Hollywood Reporter have it that The Demon will appear in an episode of the long running US crime hit CSI on 12 March. Ta Da…the more ya know.
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