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Your GTC Top 10 Posts For January 2014

2014 is officially off to a great start. Not only here at The GTC but all over the music scenes around the world. 
We got the year rolling with some of the more intriguing artists with varied sounds producing music today. We would like to extend huge ‘thank yous‘ to those artists who took the time to chat with us in January.
We have recently discovered that we have even more right-on things coming to your trusty ole GTC…So keep checking in with us to see what goings on are afoot. 
As always, thank you for checking us out and we hope you continue to do so! We really think you are super swell indeed!  Kindly ask your friends to check us out as well…
Now, here is a look at what you read the most in the month of January…
Your January 2014 Top 10 Links
  1. Walter Price’s Top 10 Singles 2013
  2. Goldie Lookin Chain: Kings Of Caerleon (NSFW)
  3. Skinny Lister Infectious Energy! 
  4. The Travis Waltons Are Rocking You Repeatedly
  5. Faz Waltz Curators Of Rock
  6. The Cody Johnson Band (Q&A)
  7. 5 Things With Tammy Lynn & Myles High
  8. Terry Lee Hale: The Long Draw
  9. Review: Giuda – ‘Let’s do It Again’
  10. The Blank Tapes Slow Easy Death & Tour
Top Countries Of Audience Origins
  1. Germany
  2. USA
  3. UK 
  4. Argentina
  5. Italy
  6. Ukraine
  7. France
  8. Australia
  9. Sweden
  10. Russia