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6. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

This life this ride, SINGLE/VIDEO: FRANKI LOVE – The Sun

Franki Love, you can pre-order her New Album, expected August 28 via Bandcamp.

Franki Love

by Walter Price

Anxieties, depression, and overwhelming loneliness are at an all-time high in these trying times. And weigh heavy during this era of ever-increasing frustrations fueled by the pandemic, political, social, and racial unrest. LA’s award-winning songwriter Franki Love has returned a with a ray of light to get us through to the other side. “The Sun” is a piano-driven melody heavy track full of hope and easiness similarly themed to that famed song from Annie the musical, “Tomorrow“. Its a keep your head up, find the positivities in your environments….and tomorrow will be a brand new day kinda love song dedicated to making you feel good.

This life this ride
Is a school of healing hearts
This life this ride
Trust it like
The sun
Trust it like the sun

Stay close to souls who know you’re gold
You gotta
Feel the love

So, if you’re a fan of inspiration, feeling great about your tomorrow and healing frequencies, then add this track to your hope-filled summer playlists. And you can watch the lyric video, now at GTC.


Artist photo and album artwork via Bandcamp.

This song is about trusting life. Sometimes it can be hard to trust that everything will be ok. Especially during these challenging times in our world. I hope that this song will make you feel better…. even for a few minutes….I hope that it will add some sunshine to this world…. stay strong… love you!” – F. Love

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A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has listened to THE SUN. I am humbled by the kind comments on youtube, on twitter and in emails.☀️ During these times – I am feeling emotions I’ve never felt before. And am wanting to somehow diffuse the sadness, anger, and confusion that is circulating. Music is a way I can express the love I have for this world and people. Music is a way to connect. So thank you for connecting with me. Love you!” – F. Love

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