Floor is Lava
12. August 2023 By Walter Price 0

…Hey, uh hey, BAD MARY The Floor is Lava

Bad Mary The Floor is Lava is available on Trash & Glamour, Deezer, Apple Music

Floor is Lava

by Walter Price

Looking to turn your romper room into a hazardous good time and need some jams to blast as you and your crew try to avoid a magma-induced death (metaphorically, of course)? Rock-n-rollers Bad Mary has just the song for ya!

From the dynamite EP “Trash & Glamour” the New York outfit gives us the livin’ on the edge (of the couch) track, “The Floor is Lava”. Bringing up memories of The B-52s heyday, this powderkeg song will add to the excitement as you bounce from one piece of furniture to the next! “Jump up on the table/ You’re gonna burn your feet/ Slipping can be fatal/ Get out of the heat…” Oh, yeah…

So, rescue the dog from the pool and stream “The Floor is Lava”, here at the GTC! (Oh, and do yourself a solid and hear the entire EP. It’s a straight-up rock experience that you can pogo to.)

BAD MARY The Floor is Lava

Band photo via facebook // Artwork, bio excerpt, and lyrics via Bandcamp

All songs written and performed by Bad Mary
Amanda Mac – Vocals
Mike Staub – Bass/Background Vocals
Bill Mac- Drums
David Henderson – Guitar

facebook // website // twitter

The band weaves rhythmic power and brain worm riffs as if it were 1979 all over again.
Drawing on influences from the likes of Blondie and The Ramones, Green Day and The Dollyrots, this family unit uses humor and the power of music to have a good time in this crazy world
.” – bio

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