Years of Global Texan Chronicles
13. August 2023 By Walter Price 0

10 Years of Global Texan Chronicles

10 Years of Global Texan Chronicles is available at the GTC!

global texan chronicles

by Walter Price

Hi, welcome to Global Texan Chronicles. A blog that published its first article 10 years ago today; August 13, 2013. GTC, a blog I dreamt up when I started to realize that negativity in entertainment media (et al) was talking over how outlets garnered clicks. Often crafting outlandish things to say about artists, projects and what have you…Seemed pretty unfair. So, I, a former big media peep myself, decided that there was space for positivity. As in, if a release doesn’t resonate with you, why bash it in the open? Better yet, there are plenty of projects that will hit that sweet spot, and I should only share those songs, albums, and music videos with whoever may stumble across these humble pages…Voilà, the GTC was born.

It’s been an enriching journey over the last 10 yrs. Meeting so many talented artists thriving on the periphery of the mainstream. Sometimes, some of these artists have bloomed into some of the most cherished and seminal singers, songwriters, and media personalities of this generation. I’m grateful to have seen it all from this little perch I’ve crafted. Much love.

I’d like to thank the various talented contributors to this ad-free platform over the past decade: Luisa Black (R.I.P.), Alle Royale, KT Emmerson, JP Kallio, Claudia M., the fellas from Billy Momo, and Marc Griffiths. And, off course, Matt Adams of The Blank Tapes who created our first logo. I’d also like to thank YOU. Without YOU coming over every once in a while to see what we have going on, no GTC. Again, much love.

There isn’t enough space for all the artists I’ve fallen deep for over the past 10 years, but I will share 3 artists I think are making a significant contribution to the cause of positivity in the ever-changing music scenes. Enjoy life folks.

Here’s to another decade, cheers 🍸


Directed by Josh Lerma


Directed/Edited by Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen


Directed by Charlie Gramberg

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