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20. January 2016 By Walter Price 0

First Listen: The Chris Rolling Squad

Chris RollingFrom the tip of the darkness….

by Walter Price


I’m near the end of my first listen of The Chris Rolling Squad’s throwback is a state of mind…an education EP and what a kickass concoction of all the best parts of historic rock n roll it is. My first impressions takes me back to the glorious days when Texas was killing it from Austin to Dallas with such diverse sounds in seemingly too far apart genres that one would think that it would be hard to have musicians to get along but not in Texas; no everyone learned from each other, borrowed from one another and new sounds were invented.

Traveling through these five tracks I am immediately reminded of early Rev. Horton Heat as he (they) took rockabilly and the way those cats morphed metal, blues, punk and whatever else was at hand and morphed into that hard to resist psychobilly sound. They still do.

The Chris Rolling Squad are doing the very same. You have no doubt these players have moved in and out of music scenes collecting and reimagining what they have collected along the way. What is their genius here is the blues aspect of their wares; pulling and dirtying up songs that could otherwise be categorized in standalone genre but no no no…these brilliant players want their audience to feel something so hard and deep they’ll addictively want more.

Bravo….EP over, hit repeat.


Chris Rolling : Guitar/ Vox
Brice Duval : Bass / Backing vocals
Romain Launeau : Drums


The Chris Rolling Squad Facebook / Bandcamp