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21. January 2016 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Moa Holmsten

Moa Holmsten musicI have gotten to know songs, many of them I hadn’t heard before, and I hope many hear these songs and learn something too.” – Moa

by Walter Price


In the last few years, I have been disappointed with the choices of pop-rock offerings being put out. It’s like the genre is dying out. There are exceptions of course; Black Swift, Lovers Electric, and P!nk come to mind as ones that are keeping the touch going strong.

More notably for this article’s purpose I would say P!nk and her ability to move in and out of genres and exploring new ways to tell tales that are tangible, hit home and just enough commercialism while keeping the edge in big time corporate radio.

There is a connection going on here and her name is Moa Holmsten and she is from Sweden; the country which is no stranger to producing interesting and certainly huge pop stars. And this powerhouse works in similar ways as P!nk. Moa travels in genuine, gritty, sensual, playful notions and is without a doubt steadfastly persuasive in her craft.

I have not listened to an entire length of any one of her releases but spent the past days on YouTube and Soundcloud being pulled in pop-rock directions I didn’t know I was longing for until I heard this artist shine. Maybe I’m being a bit giddy here but who cares really. Moa is one of those gems, hidden from your world and when you uncover what others have known all along “Eureka!” is achieved.

Now, with all that said there is the twist in the plot. The way she interprets Bruce Springsteen is undeniable in perfections… Which is saying so much as my theory is No One should cover Springsteen on a passing whim…. Her Bruised Arms And Broken Rhythm release is all that, Bruce Springsteen covers and if what is out now is any indication, I will be adding a new record to the ole collection. Twisting Bruce’s ultra classics into something previously unthinkable, into directions I didn’t know I needed…Brilliant.

Please, don’t take my word for it…Here are 3 Reasons Why Moa Holmsten


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Thanks to Maria Haskins and her Real Rock And Roll for the introduction…