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13. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Feral Conservatives ‘The Feeling Noise Becomes’

We can wander to the singer/songwriter folk dynamics or we can go for a big rock band sound feral conservativesover the course of an album, or both in the span of a song. – Feral Conservatives


Congratulations to our favorite alt-art-pop-rock duo from Virginia Beach, VA, Rashie & Matt, better known as Feral Conservatives They recently signed up with Egghunt Records and have announced a new release that will see some fresh air on 10 February of the year. Digital and limited cassette, that is.

The two will also be hitting the road on short jaunt with French Admirals, so try and hit up a club they’ll be gracing.

Until all that check out the video ‘Misfire” from the coming album  ‘The Feeling Noise Becomes’.


Feral Conservatives: Facebook / Website / SoundCloud / Bandcamp