how to start songwriting
14. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Songwriting, Get Started Already

how to start songwritingWho’s to say what’s a good voice and not a good voice? – Dave Grohl

By Walter Price


I am not a empowerment or motivational writer, speaker or what have ya. I just get bored to all hell with lazy complaining people.

The hardest part about anything is getting started. When I was a younger dude I had the opportunity to pitch ball for my 1st grade team (Zilker elementary Austin, TX). I took the form home to show my loving mother and her “friend” explained to me I would never make it. They would want someone bigger and stronger for the position and all the other major spots on the team. I never went to the tryouts.

Birdy, songwriting since age 8

That unnecessary conversation lingered in my adolescent brain for many years to come. “Say, I’m not fast enough, smart enough, talented etc etc. “, I would tell myself. Little did I know that it was me holding me back from the good things in life. What a dumbass.

Want to make music? Start by writing a song. Don’t know how? Hasn’t stopped thousands of successful dimwits stinking up the charts over the years. You can do better. I’m no songwriter but I know if I wanted to I could put together a few nifty verses and feel free and accomplished for the day. Even if they sucked it and no one would ever hear them.

Stevie Wonder, blind & signed record deal at 11

Almost nothing in life is about grand accomplishments the first go. Better yet, going down an unfamiliar road is the stuff of excitement. “What will come from my pen. Will I feel proud or embarrassed?” Who cares. anything from the heart is winner over any 12 member writing team going to the highest bidder.

Before I get too far into redundant blah blah blah. The point of all this is ‘get started’. Get started at anything you think is cool. Don’t let anyone and I mean anyone tell you that you can’t. No one is the best singer, songwriter, dancer, doctor, poet, balancing act. No one. There is always room for you or your mates.

Don’t try to be perfect, always be honest…

Lorde is young, accomplished and only slightly annoying. She loves old blues and soul records and reads books. We expect her to break out of her shell at any moment…

How was your day?

Write a song about it.

Who’s the biggest douchebag?

Write a song about ‘em.

Fall from another barstool?

Write a song about it.

Sick of this article?

Write a song about it.


Get busy getting started.


Gary Clark, Jr started playing guitar at age 12 or so the legend goes…