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…so bite in, THE EFFENS – Eventually

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by Walter Price

Self-loathing, need for affection, to be accepted, and searching for some sort of connectivity are all points on the road to self-discovery, confidence. As navigating a course to individuality is pretty damn daunting. And the recent single “Eventually” from Toronto rockers The Effens is a relatable coming-of-age tale that tells such a tale. Soundtracked by this burgeoning outfit’s knack for creating their own brand of undeniable rock-n-roll.

I can’t wait to bite in, I know every stitch to fit in.
There’s no one like him, he treats me so badly
Clip the wings and dovetail, fell in love right from the thumbnail
This doesn’t end well, I want it so badly.

So bite in, as hard as you can.
Till you get what you want from me.

New exciting tyrants, she just needed someplace to dance
Address the silence, alone, unhappy.
The noose begins to dilate, mostly it’s already too late.
Undress your soulmate, together unhappy.

And if the lyrics weren’t brilliant enough to convey this real-life journey, the smokey late-night music video, directed by Austin Nops & Kurtis Watson, is a true representation of those special out-of-the-way places where you can be you. As a teen, we had ‘the field’. A clearing on top of a hill surrounded by forest that felt like a secret and safe refuge where our freak flags flew, stories and lies were told and histories were made. And this film brings back all of those never really forgotten memories. Just as I assume the characters, some blurred out for obvious reasons, in this film will experience themselves.

The Effens are another fine example why authentic rock with honest weightiness is alive and kickin’…

THE EFFENS – Eventually

Band photo courtesy of Auteur Research

Recorded by The Effens
Produced by Austin Nops
Mastered by Kristian Mantano

Austin Nops
Hannah Edgerton
Fabian Oblivion
Paul Theo

Video made by LootBag
Directed by Austin Nops & Kurtis Watson


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The cover art is someone in the act of breaking free from the censorship shown in the video and reminding the viewer of their own freedom. We all know what the human body looks like – we all have one – but we act like there is something to hide about it. Again, this is a veil we use to separate ourselves from our own vulnerability, that when truly lifted, we realize it is a strength.” – press release

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