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Natalie Sweet – Oh, By The Way…it’s Natalie Sweet LP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Natalie Sweet

by Walter Price

No matter if you groove to the sounds of The Pipettes, Cocktail Slippers, and/or Shannon & the Clams, the 2019 mega righteous LP, ‘Oh By the Way… it’s Natalie Sweet’ by former The Shanghais vocalist Natalie Sweet is gonna make you swoon and cause involuntary hip-swiveling along the way.

Yeah, I’m a bit late to the party but here nonetheless. And with tons of crunchy guitar licks, bubble gum storylines, and plenty Rydell High punk rock attitude, you’ll wanna turn tasty tracks like “Another Bottle of Wine”, “Eye Candy”, “Pizza Man”, and “Lip Service” all the way up to speaker destruction levels!

Its never to late to rock n roll and this album is here for the ages. And you can stream it in full as well as watch a ‘live’ performance of “Gimme Good Love” (feat. Morten Henriksen and Travis Ramin), now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Bandcamp

Natalie Sweet- Lead Vocals
Morten Henriksen- Lead Guitar, vocals
Devin Jorgenson- Bass, backing vocals
Travis Ramin- Drums, backing vocals

Produced by Travis Ramin
Recorded and Mixed by David J Russ at It’s A Secret Minneapolis, MN.
Mastered by Tom Garneau at AudioActive Minneapolis, MN
Additional Production by Morten Henriksen
Art & Photos by Mat Dunlap


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Lip Service
Gimme Good Love
I Still Want You
Another Bottle of Wine
I’m Wrong, You’re Gone
Hit & Run
I Don’t Want to Need You (Tonight)
Eye Candy
LA Loser
Pizza Man
Do the Shanghai
A Little Room

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