Eoin Dolan video
23. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

EOIN DOLAN VIDEO Comfort in the Sound of Tomorrow

Eoin Dolan Video for Comfort in the Sound of Tomorrow from his new self-titled album.

Eoin Dolan video

by Walter Price


Singer/songwriter Eoin Dolan is certainly one of the most talented and interesting artists writing and releasing music these days  Recently Dolan released a stellar self-titled pop album you need to check out and now he has debuted a stunning Gavin Martyn directed video for the single “Comfort in the Sound of Tomorrow”. The track itself is a personal narrative of hope in tomorrow being new. This aspiration is wonderfully translated into interpretative dance by the mesmerizing  Karen McNamara on a dark beach further non.abrasively forcing the atmosphere of the song..

Bravo Eoin, Gavin and Karen.


Eoin Dolan Facebook / Website / YouTube / Bandcamp

Written/Directed by Gavin Martyn – Starring Karen McNamara – Produced by Babyjane Productions

Strings by Darren Concannon

Flute by Maidhc O HEanaigh

Bass by Robin Van Der Klooster






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