Dyr Faser Phantom Electric
10. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

DYR FASER Phantom Electric

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Dyr Faser Phantom Electric

by Walter Price

Discombobulated melodies, murky poetry, and noisy cerebral rock songs that’ll have your neighbors pissed off at 2 am—Yes indeed, Boston duo Dyr Faser have returned with a new experimental pop album, aptly titled “Phantom Electric”.

In the track “Rainer’s Game” Amelia May and Eric Boomhower sing these darkly picturesque lines in their indelibly signature uneven harmonies, “look into sudden shocks and fiercely guarded lullabies/ taking tolls and empty promises/ just like this song will end/ our time is torn asunder/ here in our arms again/ nowhere to be found/ this idea is not ours to shame/ coming into somewhere is the game.” or on the album defining “The Way to Understanding” we join these sound scientists, “ease a worried mind let go/ one forlorn do I belie a secrecy/ so this damage done/ slow to fray/ the fake will try to blind us/ the maze will wrap around us—okay…the way to understanding weighs on our heart to fade into one mind we make.” No further proof that these two songwriters move in deeply shadowy worlds. (Not to mention that ‘asunder’ in a song is an absolute rarity.)

Dyr Faser isn’t your average bedroom pop outfit by any stretch of the imagination, but if thought-provoking psych escapism is your bag then “Phantom Electric” will take you places you didn’t know you wanted to go. And that’s all the weird magic.

You can stream the 8-track experience in full, here at the GTC.

DYR FASER Phantom Electric

Band photo by Rusty Kinnunen

All songs written & recorded by Eric Boomhower & Amelia May
Produced by Eric Boomhower
Album art drawn by Amelia May

Eric Boomhower – vocals, guitar, drums, Univox
Amelia May – vocals, guitar, flute, bow guitar

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β€œReminiscent of cohort duos Suicide & Beach House, DYR FASER creates a hypnotic post-doom exotica experience. Not a mainstream effort, DYR FASER conjures dark landscapes with poetic incantation, elevating the psychic ear and reaching across genres and worlds.” – bio

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