South Texas Tweek
9. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

…up at 3pm, SOUTH TEXAS TWEEK Feelin’ Good

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South Texas Tweek

by Walter Price

They call him Tweek—South Texas Tweek, that is and his most recent single “Feelin’ Good’ is a roadhouse stomper. Chockful with all the undeniable Texas swagger and peppered with Yoakam twang, Jerry Reed boogie, and outlaw swing you’ll be lookin’ for this coming weekend.

Whiskey and weed and maybe a dusting of cocaine is a good time—allegedly. But all that intoxicating way of livin’ can catch up, “But the whiskey and the weed/ They’ve often times seemed/ Like the only true friends I’ve ever had/ That demon in white, she’ll keep you up all night/ All that feelin’ good can make a man feel bad…”

I betcha this now sober honky-tonk troubadour and Tweet slinger knows a thing or two about the good times pulling the wool over his late-night eyes and this single rings as true as the brand of Texas country music he thrives in. You can stream “Feelin’ Good”, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Performed by South Texas Tweek
Composed by Tyler Heiser

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Blending classic honky-tonk sound with honest songwriting, South Texas Tweek has burst onto the scene less than a year after releasing his first single, hitting the top 25 on the Texas Country Spotify charts. The trademark nickname “Tweek” was given to him after being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome when he was 9 years old. Tweek draws inspiration from his life, writing alongside his contemporaries, and his South Texas home. Often collaborating with his good friends Charley Crockett and Vincent Neil Emerson, South Texas Tweek has quickly made it clear that he is here to stay in the Texas scene.” – bio

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