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19. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…weapon can’t ignore, VIDEO: DUTTY MOONSHINE BIG BAND – Tommy & Loretta [feat. Odjbox]

Dutty Moonshine Big Band – ‘City of Sin‘ LP is available for preview at Apple Music.

dutty moonshine

by Walter Price

From their forthcoming LP, ‘City Of Sin’, Bristol’s Dutty Moonshine Big Band offers up a jazzy hip hop number, “Tommy & Loretta”. Follow along as the narrator Maria Laveau leads us through a tragic love story. One set in the underbelly of society.

You think you know this story, but this one is different…as the lyrics warn us. See, Loretta, a strong self-made femme fatale of sorts, let’s the dedicated soul bending powers of stoic Tommy weaken her boundaries…or is it the other way round? In the end, will it even matter… Are this Bonnie and Clyde-esque bonded duo on a collision course…with, destiny? Or is it all just a stunning metaphor for the difficulties of an uncommon, even frowned upon, connection…

Before I say too much, check out the beauty of the illustrated art deco stylings of the Twitchy Pixel created film below. And if you’re a fan of Tricky, Portishead, and/or Goldfrapp then add this one to your ride or die playlist.


Band photo by Jack Powley, provided by Sonic PR / Video, illustrations and animations done by Twitchy Pixel

“This new single is just the latest track to emerge from the band’s highly anticipated ‘City of Sin’ LP. Set to be the second album from this 12-piece musical force of nature, it will be hitting the shelves on 29 May 2020 via Universal Music Group.”

dutty moonshine

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Blending brass, keys, drums, digital hardware and vocalists, Dutty Moonshine Big Band are renowned for their ability to create explosive bass music that is inspired-by the classic big band sound of days gone by. There’s no band in the entire world quite like these guys!” – bio

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