Reverend Beat-Man 22 may 2020
18. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…you will see, VIDEO: REVEREND BEAT-MAN & the NEW WAVE – you are on top [a film by Gilles Deschamps]

Reverend Beat-Man & the New Wave – “You’re on top” is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

There’s oodles of mystique, fantastic enigma, if you will when it comes to the persona that is Reverend Beat-Man and his guttural take on blues. Sounds that teeter on the origins of the genre and what Tom Waits and Hardy Hum have morphed it into. And his 2018 track “You’re on top” is a tip-top example of the far-out strengths this Swiss purveyor of grit and thought-provoking ‘weird rock n roll’ has to offer.

And the recent animated film for this single, created by Gilles Deschamps, will intrigue (and perhaps flabbergast) you. The metaphor and symbolism heavy Frank Miller-esque work of art will take a bevy of views to even start to grasp its goings-on. But worth every second spent…

And the Rev, the Blues Trash Preacher, explained in an emailed quote, “I had some ideas.. actually it should be a war video, a whole species is under suppression by their governments and those view people push them down and keep them quiet with censorship, so they do what they want… it’s like rape… and of course, those couple people in power have a lot of fun doing that.. they can use their power and it makes them strong.. but then those people they just walk away… they just say fuck off and at the end, those view people are all alone… they have nobody to torture and use. That was the main idea of the song … I told Gilles that idea.. but I told him, “do what you think what the song tells you”, and this is what came out of it. I think it’s as well a very strong message… and a good one… don’t let someone push you down.”

Reverend Beat-Man and his wares are available at Voodoo Rhythm Records.


Album: Blues Trash (2018)
Video Artist: Gilles Deschamps

Reverend Beat-Man

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“He’ll make your back crack, your liver quiver, and your knees freeze. And if you don’t dig that you’ve got a hole in your soul, so let’s give a big warm welcome for the Rev, your Beat-Man, everybody’s Blues Trash Preacher, the fabulous Reverend Beat-Man”

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