darkwater redemption
4. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

DarkWater Redemption

I spent ten years a runnin’ from the demons of my crimes, I got blood on my hands and death darkwater redemptionrow on my mind..
  Featured Artist: DarkWater Redemption Joey Doss, Jordan Roberson, Josh Smithey, Kevin Smithey, Chris Comer   Hailing from Stoneville, NC (Population 1,042) comes barroom rock n’ roll warriors DarkWater Redemption. A band thriving in the glorious histories and sonic traditions of Alabama, Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, Daniels and in Southern Country rockin step with contemporary righteousness of Chris Stapleton, Zac Brown Band and Shooter Jennings, DWR are already making a mark on their local music scene with their blended sounds and with a nomination for Best Country Band at The Carolina Music Awards.Not bad for a new-ish band. If the band CAN stay clear of the trending bro-country movement expect to see these good ole boys go national States Side soon enough.  Have a listen to these two tracks and decide for yourself.   DarkWater Remption: Facebook / Wesite / YouTube / cdBaby