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CLAIRE GEORGE has DONNA LEWIS’ I Love You Always Forever, Covered

Claire George – I Love You Always Forever (cover) is available at BANDCAMP, Spotify, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

Back in 1996, you were pleased as punch that you couldn’t escape the slow-burn pop sensation that was Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever*. A song that found a home at the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for a stellar 9-week stay. Why didn’t it hit #1, you must be wondering. Well, “Macarena”, that’s why.

Inspired in part by ‘Love for Lydia‘ by author H. E. Bates, the song’s backstory is explained in this quote attributed to Lewis, “The author wrote it in such a descriptive and beautiful way, set in the English countryside, that I wanted to try and create this atmosphere in the song. When I wrote its melody I wanted to write something simple, remembering falling in love for the first time in the summer, that magical wonderful feeling. That was it really, the whole thing just came together.”

This is now and California indie-pop purveyor Claire George has released a stunning redux. As the original maintained a steady seductive crawl and let the chorus add the bounce, George’s version begins by paying homage to Lewis’ delivery and it then transitions into a dreamy lo-fi disco romp. Claire George has a history of crafting songs ready for the dancefloor and this cover is no different.

And you stream this brilliant cover of “I Love You Always Forever” as well as see the original music video, directed by Randee St. Nicholas, now at the GTC.


Artists photo via Facebook

Written by Donna Lewis
Produced by Danny Goliger
Mixed & Mastered by Danny Goliger
Artwork by Faye Orlove
Cascine 2021


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“[Claire George’s] material is a kaleidoscope of swirling synth-pop and moving emotive balladry, capturing the breadth of youthful emotion with a natural sense of wonder.” – bio

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