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…thinking about you, SINGLE: AMY ELLEN Days

Amy Ellen – Days (single) is available at Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal.


by Walter Price

That all too familiar moment in a relationship’s demise when you realize it’s time to forge a new path all the while the gravity of the past is still pulling you into its orbit can be as daunting as it is freeing. And this scenario is the drive behind the new soft-rock single, “Days”, by Irish singer-songwriter Amy Ellen. Ellen, a GTC favorite, has made it clear with her previous four releases that she’s deeply in tune with her surroundings and this new one is no different. This time though, the Dublin songwriter goes a step further and as she turns heartbreak into an earnest pop song that oozes hope is ever-present.

The lush production by Axel McDonald lets the story breathe as the one-of-a-kind chorus, a song-crafting talent that Ellen is becoming known for, really adds weight in all the right places. And let’s not forget those country-rock guitar licks that add a real edge that’ll please fans of pop, folk, and rock. All in all, Ellen continues to prove that she’s a storyteller that’s here to stay.

You can stream the beautiful “Days” as well as Amy Ellen’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at GTC.


Artist photo by by NCF Media

Written by Amy Ellen and Axel McDonald

Produced by Axel McDonald
Recorded at Tsunami Studios by Sean Byrne and Adam J Wilson.
Mixing/mastering by Danny Bochkov

Artwork by Marion Letur


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“For me, this song is about the transitional period between being in a relationship to suddenly being single again. The song represents strength and weakness but realising that in the end, time is the real healer. I remember Days being a song that wrote itself. At the time I was listening to a lot of Green Day, it certainly impacted the way I wanted to arrange the melody in the song.’’ – Amy Ellen

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