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11. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…madness of that moment, JEFF BEADLE – SOMETI M E S

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by Walter Price

A special class of songwriters can craft a story that moves you to tears as they balance despair and hope. And like Passenger, Shane MacGowan, Sam Beam, Toronto singer-songwriter Jeff Beadle finds the beauty in the agonies of life. His recent delicate single “Sometimes” is a story of impermanence. And its somber truths will give pause as it makes way for an epiphany or two.

Like us all, Beadle is on a journey of self-discovery and he’s decided to document his heartbreaking realities along the way. In a quote provided to the GTC, Beadle shares, “Various profound situations have massively impacted the shaping of my life. In grieving, I’ve come to terms with my own mortality as I try to find my place in the world.”

We, humans, have collectively, in the past 18 months, been forced to face the realities we’ve previously kept in the back of our minds. Life is fleeting, death is inevitable and everything in-between is twisted. But, ultimately, it all shapes us. And Beadle gets it and writes songs for people who want to feel something. Even if it hurts a little…


Artist photo by Joseph Adam

Songwriter J. Beadle

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Jeff Beadle

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Guided by personal evolution and the unconventional wisdom cultivated from extensive touring in Europe, Asia, and Canada, was the catalyst for his new era of dark alternative pop. His unwavering honesty and introspection continue to be the backbone of his lyrics, acquired from years as a folk singer-songwriter.” – bio

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