comfort creature
30. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

Underneath a veil of light, VIDEO – COMFORT CREATURE – “Pyramid Room Exit”

Comfort Creature – “Pyramid Room Exit” is available @ Apple Music.

comfort creature

by Walter Price

Directed by Sabina Maselli, the new film for Comfort Creature’s “Pyramid Room Exit” is hauntingly eloquent. Images reminiscent of the moments you try to recall a dream soundtracked to what ethereal shadows would sound like if they had a voice.

Reminding me of that carousel
That spun us ‘round until we all fell
If I had my way I’d flick the switch and
Pray my prayer, say my hymn
Sing my song, and make it gone

Beyond your mouth in quivering faith
Plant myself down, you show me the way
Unbreakable, this moment in time
Will never cease, its radiant light
Fills me up, sucks me in
Leads me on, and makes me strong

Lend me your hand, invisible trust
Find the darkest spot, high water to thrust
Surrender all your cherished beliefs
Die the deepest death; cling on and release

All this grief passed on to me
Sailing ‘cross the seven seas
Making lines in yellow sand
Tears run forward on command

Underneath a veil of light
She is growing over night
Bursting forward seamlessly
Never die never cease to be

For fans of Sigur Rós, Radiohead and Björk.


Auður Zoëga

Album artwork by Ruby Fiedler.

Directed by Sabina Maselli
Hair and makeup by Leila Morrissey

Recorded by Comfort Creature and Adam Casey
Mixed by Adam Casey at The True Vine
Mastered by Adam Dempsey at Deluxe Mastering

comfort creature

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