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5 Albums That Inspired STAND UP AND SAY NO’s Andre Nault

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by Andre Nault

I love loud guitar-driven music – probably because I’m a bit frustrated but mostly because these 5 albums, at a very young age, made me pick up the guitar. These recordings blew my mind and constantly pushed me to be a better musician. I’ll resist the urge to list cool or obscure albums to flatter my ego, this is an honest list of LPs that shaped my taste and aesthetics.

The Black Crowes – The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion


I don’t solo much anymore, at least not on recordings, but the solo on Sometimes Salvation has always been my measuring stick. The overdriven, chunky, fat sound of a Les Paul played on the neck pickup is a sound I’ve copied many times. In my early teens, I saw them perform this album and I was forever changed by their extended jams. A far cry from today’s Broadway productions bands call a rock show.

Rush – Exit…Stage Left


I’m not sure if it’s a Canadian thing, but most musicians I know went through a Rush phase. Seriously, I remember rushing home (get it) from school to jam along with this album. It would drive my sister crazy. It eventually got me into Genesis, Gentle Giant and ultimately, I found Tool.

Tool – Ænima


Warped my mind. Forty Six & 2… oh my! Uniquely powerful music – and yes, they have weird time signatures, but you never get the impression your listening to mathematics. This is more than music it’s a state of mind, everything and nothing all at once. Hopefully, they’ll release their discography on Spotify soon.

The Cult – Love / Electric


I can’t decide wish is my favourite, the over-processed guitars of She Sells Sanctuary (Love) or the raw, in your face, sound of Wild Flower (Electric). Ian Asbury’s phrasing is forever imprinted in my mind and I probably play Les Pauls because of Billy Duffy.

AC/DC – Back in Black


The production on this album is amazing, the sense of space and balance created is fantastic. I think it was mixed at Electric Lady Land on an SSL console (God I wish I had an SSL console). There isn’t a lot of colour or variety on this album but there’s a hell of a lot of attitude and texture. My favourite track is Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, I listened to it last week and I got teary-eyed – it’s perfect.

Stand Up and Say No – Electrified

The song is about me promising I will take care of my family during crazy times,” – Andre Nault


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