Maggie Rose
31. July 2019 By Walter Price 1

She wrote us a letter, ALBUM: MAGGIE ROSE – ‘Change the Whole Thing’

Maggie Rose – ‘Change the Whole Thing’ is available @ Apple Music.

Maggie Rose

by Walter Price

It would be slightly odd to call Maggie Rose’s ‘Change the Whole Thing’ an old-fashioned album. But, it kinda is. In the hopes of capturing the power of her live shows, she assembled a stellar motley crew of seasoned players to record the 12 tracks live. A tribe consisting of her touring band as well as the good-time outfit, Them Vibes.

Last September, Rose told Rolling Stone, “We took whatever our favorite take was and that was that, If you messed up, you started again. It was so liberating. I had never sung with that much conviction before, because that’s your one shot.”

And the energy and realism are palpable throughout. Closing your eyes and trying to pinpoint all the nuanced moments and tasty notes is worth every second of the experiences this release has to offer. And yes, at first, if someone would have told me this was actually a classic album from the late ’70s, one that blended soul, R&B, country, and rock, I wouldn’t waste breath with argument.

Check out the soul-stirring intensity of “The Letter” below.

MAGGIE ROSE – The Letter

Directed by Jeff Johnson

‘Change the Whole Thing’

1.  Do Right By My Love
2.  I’m Yours
3.  Change the Whole Thing
4.  Lazy Love
5.  Long Way To Go
6.  It’s You
7.  Hey Blondie
8.  Smooth
9.  Magic Man
10.  Just Getting By
11.  Pull You Though
12.  The Letter

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