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25. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY! What comes next? COCO Anybody’s Guess

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by Walter Price

The recent single, “Anybody’s Guess”, by the anonymous no more COCO [Maia Friedman, Dan Molad, and Oliver Hill] is a lush soundscape with an abundance of spacious harmonies to escape into. A sound and texture that’ll have any fan of Fleet Foxes, Beirut, and/or Band of Horses eager to slide this tack into their favorite its-only-love playlist.

Had a night, then it’s gone
As the dawn begins to break I turn you on
Give a hand, do your best
Make it anybody’s guess what comes next

I’ll open up
It’s only love
It’s only choosing someone to be dreaming of

Over the pines, high above treeline
Who could define how the stars align?
Through your disguise, I can recognize
Blueberry eyes, bring out the best by your side

What comes next?

Taken from this mighty trio’s forthcoming self-titled album, expected on October 29 via First City Artists, “Anybody’s Guess” has an accompanying music video that is pure poetry-in-motion. Directed by Stella Hartmann and Anna Lian Tes and starring the incomparable Tiara Jackson, watch as several backdrops serve as moments in time as Jackson uses her hypnotic interpretive dance to convey the song’s emotional weight. It, like the song itself, is a beautiful and captivating work of art.

You can stream the fervent “Anybody’s Guess” as well as witness its film, here at the GTC.

COCO Anybody’s Guess

Band photo via Bandcamp

Maia Friedman (of Dirty Projectors, Uni Ika Ai)
Dan Molad (of Lucius, Chimney)
Oliver Hill (of Pavo Pavo, Dustrider)

Directed by Stella Hartmann + Anna Lian Tes
Dancer/Choreographer: Tiara Jackson
Director of Photography: Jacki Huntington
1st Assistant Camera: Annie Fuentes
Hair + Makeup Artist (Exterior): Meg Sutherland
Hair + Makeup Artist (Interior): Becky Beighley
Still Photographer: Gabrielle Messinco
Still Photographer: Alisha Erao
Editor: Stella Hartmann
Colorist: Anna Lian Tes
Graphic Design: Anna Lian Tes

Mixed by Dan Molad
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova

coco band

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Music sprung up between us with a surprising and collaborative ease. It felt like a creative playground in contrast to the demands of our other projects. From the beginning, we made a conscious effort to foreground our intuitions and trust each other’s first instincts—criticism and indecision weren’t a part of the process.” – coco, bio

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