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26. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

Out there on the borderline, EDDIE DAVIS Billboards & Barracudas

Eddie Davis – Billboards & Barracudas is available at Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music.

eddie davis

by Walter Price

A lot of self-reflection going on these days. Some would say, due to continuing circumstances, more than ever before. But as things slowly return to some sort of normalcy, how much time do we actually have to let all the roadblocks and hurdles in our lives hinder us? The recent single, “Billboards & Barracudas”, from burgeoning Canadian singer-songwriter Eddie Davis urges the listener to stop and smell the wildflowers and maybe not sweat the small stuff, as much…

It’s only my youth your stealing
Your heavy the dose and shorter the days
And baby that love of yours only burns
When I’m trying to chase it.
Seems the further I go ya the further I fall
I may just keep on falling till there”s nothing at all
Nothing but a weak man hanging on and never letting go

So have a drink with me it”s an easy time
Out there on the borderline
Underneath the billboards
Billboards and Barracudas…

Davis seems to know and respect 1970s era FM radio. As there’s certainly plenty of classic rock vibes going with Billboards and Barracudas. Just imagine a Southern gospel Elton, if you will. Davis, like Elton or maybe even a little Kevin Cronin, knows how to draw out notes and syllables allowing his lyrics to breathe, just before he breaks the sky with moments of hear-me-now, that is. Cementing this artist’s natural and impassioned charm as well as this single being an impressive calling card for things to come.

The accompanying music video produced by Mike Wilkins & Co at Hourglass Media finds the piano-man in green and sun-drenched meadows and a classic muscle car droptop, tossing up some rock n roll horns and singing to the elements. Moving and poetic imagery for a wholehearted song.

You can stream Eddie Davis’s debut single, “Billboards & Barracudas”, as well as see the video, now at the GTC.

EDDIE DAVIS Billboards & Barracudas

Photo and bio quote courtesy of Auteur Research

Music by Eddie Davis McKenna

Music video by Hourglass Media

eddie davis

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“Born Edward Davis McKenna in 1989, singer/songwriter Eddie Davis expressed a passion for entertaining at a young age and portrayed a natural ability to do so. Surrounded by vinyl, he was influenced by 60s and 70s era classic rock music and inspired by big vocals and colourful imaginative lyrics.” – bio

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