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27. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

Someone who understands, CIGARETTES and MILK – Ides of the Month

Cigarettes and Milk – Rich Kids Can’t Hobo Jump is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Throughout the 9 tracks of the complicated simplicities that make up Cigarettes and Milk’s latest release, ‘Rich Kids Can’t Hobo Jump’, heartbreaking truths flow. Delicate and raw storytelling reminiscent of Guthrie, Sam Beam, and Conor Oberst, singer-songwriter Waldo Przekop takes the listener down a winding road of unhurried memories and sorrow.

And there is no better place to get acquainted with this beautifully sad LP than the opening song, “Ides of the Month”. A memory of love and leaving, undeniable connections not forgotten as the seasons of life change. The weight of the telling causing subtle cracking in the raconteur’s voice adds to an indelible melody.

Whistling eyes had pierced through the darkness
Loud and unforgiving was her tune
Carolina moonshine from dusty roads
It wasn’t til then that I said I’m leaving soon

Gonna leave the ides of the month
Gonna meet somebody who’s as anxious as me
Someone who understands how sad I can be
Haven’t ever truly felt at home

Walls that would crumble in a moment
Passerby’s throwing paper planes
Always knew there was a better place
Never thought It’d be in your hands

Sentimental poetry cradled by unforgettable tear educing guitar picking, this song is an apt calling card for a brilliant album. From an ex-vagabond, houseless pioneer, alcoholic entrepreneur songwriter who’s been quoted, “Everyone says my moniker is gross. Cigarettes and Milk is the factual and fictitious project of Waldo Przekop. Which is me. Stories of a kid who hates the system of oppression put in place by a capitalist society. Songs of my deepest internal grief and anxiety. I am emotional, almost none of my music is happy. I am a lo-fidelity musician and I am folk out of the gutter. A blueberry farmer too.”

And you can stream the song as well as the full LP, now at the GTC. And, please, keep off his grass


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I usually just sit and play, make coffee, speed write song drafts in 15 minutes, and cripple under my chronic anxiety,” – Waldo Przekop

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