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26. October 2020 By Walter Price 0

…4 days, 4 nights, SINGLE: LYN KOONCE – Begin Again

Lyn Koonce – Begin Again single/LP are available at Apple Music, Spotify.

by Walter Price

There are many things attractive about singer-songwriter Lyn Koonce’s recent single, “Begin Again”, but this performer’s own words seal the deal. Koonce, in an October 6 Facebook post says, “4 days, 4 nights” is the opening to a song I wrote called Begin Again. This dream girl has been responsible for and helped into so many new beginnings. If I could only do one thing, it would be to marry her! And I get to do just that this Saturday. 4 (more) days and 4 (more) nights to the most wonderful and unimaginable future with this amazing love…a love I never knew existed.”

And if you take that beautiful sentiment and the track’s James Taylor/Carol King earthiness and heartfelt earnestness, then you’ll have your new favorite life-and-love-are-journeys go-to song.

My goal is to create music that moves people and inspires kindness, reflection, and community….something I believe we need now more than ever!”

“Begin Again” [video] is the title track of Koonce’s latest stunning album and you can stream the single and LP, now at the GTC.


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Lyn Koonce

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2 years ago, I began a new musical life – one filled with curiosity about how to be my true, authentic self. One human, one soul, feeling compelled to reach deep down and reckon with whatever I pulled up. It was a stirring that brought me to write, sing, and play. I had been doing this partially for a long time, but this calling focused me to move in a direction I’d only dreamed about…to create music that chronicles who I am and do it full-time.” – L. Koonce

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