12. July 2014 By Walter Price 0

Christine McVie’s Perfect Day

By Alle Royale

“I still like to play the blues more than anything else.” – Christine McVie.
It’s relieving, for once, having the opportunity to celebrate a legend in life; and today happens to be the birthday of one of the most talented and blonde female artists in the business: Christine McVie.
Christine, as you know, cut her teeth in the glorious sixties with guitarist extraordinaire Stan Webb and his British blues band, Chicken Shack, in times when their beautiful and intense version of Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind” could reach the UK top 20 pop charts, better times indeed.
That song introduced the world to the seductive, unique voice of Christine Perfect, later to become known as Christine McVie and gaining stellar fame with Fleetwood Mac.
A gifted musician and uncanny composer, who other could say of being a revered blues musician and, at the same time, having written at least two (two!!) of the absolute most famous staples in popular music history: “Don’t Stop” and “Little Lies”. With Fleetwood Mac, passing through their phases, from British blues to American pop excellence, Christine McVie affirmed herself as one of the best composers of our centuries, and still there’s that voice that resonates as an affirmation and glorification of life, and even more today it resonates with all our best wishes for a great birthday, still on stage with her comrades of a lifetime, the mighty Fleetwood Mac.
To celebrate this special day I choose “Homeward Bound”, one of her compositions from Fleetwood Mac’s unsung but beautiful album “Bare Trees”, simply because it’s one of my favourite songs.
“Learn your instrument. Be honest. Don’t do anything phony. There is so much crap floating around. There is plenty of room for a bit of honest writing.” – Christine McVie
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