Casii Stephan
11. February 2020 By Walter Price 0

My heart is like, SINGLE: CASII STEPHAN – “Trapeze Artist”

Casii Stephan – Trapeze Artist is available at Apple Music.

Casii Stephan

by Walter Price

The uncertainty and balance disturbing energy put off from social media is real. And it can be detrimental. Politics, climate debates, racism, cyberbullying and keeping up with the likes of the Kardashians is far more disquieting than most would like to admit. Tulsa singer-songwriter Casii Stephan’s recent single, “Trapeze Artist”, is a compassionate anthem shining a light on this bizarre and turbulent alternate-world we’ve found ourselves lost and trying to find balance in. And how actual personal connection can help correct or ease the isolation.

Check out the powerful track, with its sweeping arrangements and heart-stopping chorus, below.


Photo/artwork by Logan Miller / PR by Alex High

Casii Stephan – vocals/keys

The Midnight Sun:
Amira Al-Jiboori (percussion)
Sean Ammons (bass)
Ryan Graham (drums)
Tye Slagle (guitar)
(And a few more revolving musicians)

Casii Stephan

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