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18. May 2017 By Walter Price 0

Bread & Butter Self-Titled LP Track x Track

Bread & Butter Self-Titled LP available now at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price


When the beauty of offbeat classic rock sounds of Mungo Jerry and Canned Heat crossing paths with the vibrant sides of Alternative the outcome will 9 out of 10 times be Seattle’s Bread & Butter. In times beaming bleak, there is a sunnier way to tell tales with music. Bread & Butter’s self-titled LP, via Killroom Records, brings that vibrancy and certainly conjures thoughts of Rick Nielsen, Peter Wolf, and J Mascis’ possible offspring banging out rockers cradling sing-along lyrics that will keep the “tough ‘n’ tender” groove flowing all summer long.

To quote the band’s press one-sheet, “As the world takes a turn for the bitter and dystopian, the debut album from this genuinely fun-loving foursome couldn’t have come at a better time.” Agreed.

Bread & Butter’s Mason Lowe stopped by The GTC to go Track x Track this instant Rock N’ Roll classic.


Worst of Times

The lyrics sound Dickensian at first, but the overall effect is more dickheads-ian. We started the album here because this is the song we start our shows with.  If we’re playing in your town, come on down because something fun WILL happen.

Cool in the Water

Is this song about classic summer fun? Is it about peeing in the swimming pool? Is it about the worldwide economic scandal of income inequality? Yes? Musically, this one sounds like a 1980s Juicy Fruit TV ad.


We love this song.  It’s a three-minute tour through a wild night and its blown-out aftermath. It’s a no regrets, no holds barred, no lessons learned rocker. We love this one so much we end most of our shows with it. As musicians, desperation is an emotion we’re pretty familiar with. Write about what you know!

Keys to the City

This is almost a dance song. Not a quite a rocker, not a ballad, definitely still a party. Dig the video for this one, lots of fun and weird moments.

Shoot My Mouth Off  

This was the first song we wrote together. For a bunch of gnarly Seattle basement-dwelling rock dudes, when the four of us got together, this sunny tropic sound came out.

Got Myself a Sweetheart

This one kicks off side 2 with a nice Who-y blast. This song is about a girl who gets guff from her friends because she’s into boys like us.

Stole This

There are a lot of great songs about not being able to control your urges. This is a mediocre one.

Dying to Know  

This song has the most ambitious arrangement on the record. Shades of ‘60s girl group pop coming through the dude-heavy filter of Bread & Butter. There’s some sonic guitar nuttiness in the long bridge.  It took us one night to write this song and weeks of rehearsal to play it right.

Treat It Like a Joke

Our only ballad tucked away deep on side 2. This is the tender side of the “tough ‘n’ tender” vibe we love.

Good Lines

Aw man, are we at the end of the record already? Let’s send our new friends out into the night with a loving rehash of early 80s FM rock. Thanks for checking out the record! We dumped a lot of our gross hearts and weird souls into it. See you out there some night.



Shane Herrell – Ryan Kraft – Lars Swenson – Mason Lowe 

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