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Billy Momo Says: Being open to inspiration

Billy Momo #12, open to inspiration. inspiration by Tomas “Barba” Juto   I read an interview with Tom Waits the other day about writing music. He said something about making your life a place where songs would like to come and visit. If one song comes, others will follow. I totally agree with that. So I started thinking about when I get inspired to write. And more importantly, when I don’t get inspired to write. So that I can eliminate those things while I’m writing. The first thing is turning the TV off. Not if a movie with Tom Hardy is on. Then turn the TV back on. Not because of inspiration. Just because he’s fucking brilliant. And smoking hot. Red wine always seems to work for me. But being a responsible dad I can’t go around half drunk all the time. So that’s a weekend thing. Driving is perfect! I write most of my stuff in the car. Recording on my phone and using my voice memo for lyric ideas n stuff. I even had a keyboard in my car for a while when we were recording the Drunktalk album. I was stuck in crosstown traffic every day back then, and Stockholm traffic can be a bitch, so I started having my own jam sessions while waiting for the car in front of me to move a few meters. Anyways, I’m all about getting into that writing mood right now. I’ll let you know how it goes.  

Billy Momo

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