Blame It On the Booze
28. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…unwise to linger, SARAH KING Blame It On the Booze

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Blame It On the Booze

by Walter Price

The history of good ole drinkin’ songs has fueled many a late night down at the smokey dive. But as we all know, those hallowed whiskey-drenched tunes aren’t always full of good nostalgia. Take the recent double A-Side track “Blame It On the Booze” from Vermont’s very own Sarah King. A single about a sleazy drunkin’ geezer making life a shit show every time he hits the bottle. Unfortunately, I think we all know one or two of those fellas.

“All you taste is whisky and mistakes/ Every part of your body aches/ He pushes you around until you break/ How much more can you take…” Oh, the fire has been lit. What is the final outcome for our storyteller? King certainly paints an ominous scene, “It’s unwise to linger over dreams/ When you find life isn’t what it seems/ You can end up going to extremes/ Will your ends justify your means…” All I know is that that Mister best come correct…or else.

If you’re a fan of those indelibly empowering (and dark) storylines from The Dixie Chicks (FKA) and the rawness of KT Tunstall, then you’ll absolutely dig Sarah King and her tale of booze doin’ no good.

You can stream “Blame It On the Booze”, here at the GTC.

SARAH KING Blame It On the Booze

+ Devil’s Try

Artist photo by Arielle Thomas Photography // Bio excerpt via Bandcamp

Writer: Sarah King

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“Sarah King creates thought-provoking, versatile Americana music. Her genuine stories about real-life emotions and situations also draw on classic folk-blues themes, balancing songs about the devil and booze with hard-won moments of reflection and acceptance.” – bio

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