oldphone Not Anymore.
27. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

oldphone Not Anymore.

oldphone Not Anymore. is available on Lonely Ghost, Spotify, Bandcamp


by Walter Price

CALLING ALL BURGEONING STUDIO TINKERERS! The recent cacophony of textures ‘Not Anymore.’, the new LP from LA-based artist/DJ oldphone [Gregory Johnson] is a studio magician’s fantastic voyage.

A cosmic stew of funk, R&B, and psychedelic-fueled manipulated and, at times, brilliantly mutilated pop. I don’t know much about this master of eclectic discombobulated song construction, but their label Lonely Ghost says, “Philly-raised songwriter Oldphone (Gregory Johnson) is blending emo, hyperpop, punk, and whatever else they can think of in unique and innovative ways. Gregory has been involved in various projects in the Philly and Los Angeles DIY scenes for over 15 years and it’s evident when listening to their solo project. Gregory is also a frequent collaborator and DJ for Eichlers.”

Standout moments from “Not Anymore.” include the Superdestroyer showcase “Concrete”, the dancefloor wiggle of “stuck, as in my life is going nowhere” and the nearly peaceful easy feeling of “broken brain”. But for the money, sink into the sofa and take this set for a spin in its entirety. It’s a journey like no other.

You can stream the hyperpop soundscapes of ‘Not Anymore.’, here at the GTC.

oldphone Not Anymore.

Original artist photo via Bandcamp // Quotes via Lonely Ghost Records & musicshelfwithmustard.com

Written, recorded, and performed* by Gregory Johnson
*keyboard on I Don’t Know Where To Go From Here was written and recorded by David Haynes
*Vocals on Aries Szn written, recorded, and performed by Sam Nazaretian and Russell Wood
*Vocals on Concrete written, recorded, and performed by Superdestroyer
Mixed and Mastered by Gregory Johnson
Album Art by Gregory Johnson

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This is the first full length I wrote entirely by myself in my whole life so I was just stoked I finished it! I just hope its an album that people can relate to! I also hope it might show people who dismiss genres like “hyperpop” that there’s something in it for everyone. As an artist, I hope it gets more people into my work!” – oldphone

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