You Wearin' Dresses
24. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…Girl, THE FERDY MAYNE You Wearin’ Dresses

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You Wearin' Dresses

by Walter Price

It’s starting to feel like The Ferdy Mayne Express around here the past couple of months. As the Michigan Americana song maker has been dropping singles like there going out of style or perhaps he’s just cleaning his metaphorical house as there is inevitable change on the horizon. As you may have heard, The Ferdy Mayne is soon to become Turner Porter. But before that transition comes to fruition, TME has gifted his growing fanbase a new single, “You Wearin’ Dresses”. A track the singer has proclaimed as, “One of the few true love songs I’ve written and one of the best I’ve ever done.”

And for fans of the sounds and textures of The Jayhawks, Old 97s, and perhaps Whiskeytown with hints of Violent Femmes (listen to the first few lines) this raw love song is going to slot nicely into your drivin’ through the night playlist. Come for lines like, “They got deer, they got cars, they got airplanes/ And it’s the money I spend/ And god damn, I don’t want to talk about that/ And it’s the look in your eyes/ Girl, I want to see you wearing dresses…” and stay for Trevor Sohnen’s the delectable pedal steel.

The Ferdy Mayne has quickly become one of my favorite songwriters. I get the sense he’s trying to find some truth in his world and it comes out in his writing, and for me, this earnestness is the charm. So it’ll be with some eager anticipation to hear what he has forthcoming with the new him.

You can stream “You Wearin’ Dresses”, here at the GTC.

THE FERDY MAYNE You Wearin’ Dresses

Artist photo by Justine Castle

Lyrics, vocals, guitar: Shane O’Malley Firek
Drums: Aaron Diehl
Bass: Kenny Szymanski
Pedal Steel: Trevor Sohnen
Production: Aaron Diehl, Shane O’Malley Firek
Remixed and remastered by Ben Collins

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And it’s the weight of the world
Spreading awfully awful ideas
And it’s the way that I walk
They got booze, they got cars, they got bridges
And it’s the money I spend
And I don’t feel like talking about it
And it’s the look in your eyes
Girl, I want to see you wearing dresses

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