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Bart Budwig: Real or Fake Video? “Strong Coffee” from the Sabai album

Bart Budwig is available @ Bandcamp. Bart Budwig by Walter Price   Enterprise, OR singer-songwriter Bart Budwig has built a solid career on writing earnest lyrics. But a recent controversy of sorts has arisen. On a Facebook post, Budwig or someone Budwig adjacent shared this mysterious quandary, “Real or Fake!? Bart Budwig’s management claims Bart Budwig’s new video “Strong Coffee, live in a field” is genuine. Bart Budwig’s producer Ben Herndon recently stated “we used a green screen and pre-recorded audio” With heads spinning similarly to that time folks couldn’t decide what color that dress was, faithful fans went and watched the ‘live in a field’ version of “String Coffee” (Featuring Ben Walden), discovering that the question is real. And you’ll have to check out the Ben Herndon filmed clip (below) and judge for yourself. Real or Fake?. “Strong Coffe” comes from the album ‘Sabai’, as well as the ‘Bart Budwig & John Nuhn, Live at Lost Weekend’ release.  


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