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28. August 2018 By Walter Price 0

Three Musing Reasons Why Tanya Donelly + Fresh Belly Track “Shiny One”

Belly – Dove is available @ iTunes. by Walter Price   No doubt about it, that ten-year span between 1981-1991 was a phenomenal time in music. That post-punk era that opened the floodgates for the not necessarily formulaic radio type artists finding ears for their wares. College radio was morphing into modern/alternative and folks were paying attention. I know I was. The list of acts during this time making music exciting again is far too vast, but for my money, one of the most exciting of this period was Throwing Muses. Kickstarted by high schoolers  Kristin Hersh and her stepsister Tanya Donelly circa 1981. A mix of quirky yet weighty lyrics and unconventional arrangments was titillating. But, in my opinion, the world wouldn’t fully grasp what they were laying down until much later. And this band would not only be influential to countless bands to come, but it would also be the foundations for Donelly to launch other seminal outfits as well. And with one of her bands, Belly, a group that carried us through the nineties, releasing their first new album in 20+ years, I got a bit sonically nostalgic and wanted to share just three of my favorite Donelly-centric classics. Belly’s new album, Dove, is available now and you can check out the new single”Shiny One” below. You can also hear an in-depth interview with Donelly on the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron here.  


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Throwing Muses – Hunkpapa

Kristin Hersh – Tanya Donelly – Leslie Langston – David Narcizo  

The Breeders – Pod

Kim Deal – Tanya Donelly – Josephine Wiggs – Britt Walford (Shannon Doughton) – Carrie Bradley  

Belly – King

Tanya Donelly – Chris Gorman – Tom Gorman – Gail Greenwood    

BELLY – “Shiny One”


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