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…need to be drunk, BAiLDSA – I Want My Bars Back

BAiLDSA – I Want My Bars Back is available at Spotify, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

The overwhelming monotony that’s been this past year has brought an understandable need to get back to some sort of normalcy. Freedom, seemingly, is now a proven word for nothing else left to lose. And pubs, bars, discotheques, and the like have always been hubs for camaraderie, getting loose, music, hook-ups, and a sense of personal escape. With these sentiments in mind, Thessaloniki, Greece’s BAiLDSA have dropped a disco-infused track that simply spells out what many are wanting, “I Want My Bars Back”.

” BAiLDSA always manage to stay original and unique in their own ever-evolving and diverse universe. However, one thing stands still and is always present in the band’s songwriting: a firm and loud opposition against any form of fascism, racism, sexism and suppression of human rights, an endless fight against all forms of war and division and a deep faith in humanity and open, free societies.” – bio

With its groove-heavy linear beat and repetitive chant-ready lyrics, this single isn’t in business to confuse or confound, its truth wrapped in straightforward catchy dancefloor-ready perfection. And you can stream this zeitgeist charmer and its kaleidoscope video, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

Thanos Gountanos – guitars, vocals
Dimitris Havlidis – trumpets, vocals
Rafos Gentzis – accordion, keys
Yiannis Ioannidis – bass
Prodromos Mistakidis – drums

Music, lyrics, and video by BAiLDSA.
Mixed and mastered by Yianz Goud
at Foundry Recording Studio
Thessaloniki, Greece (2020)


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Leaving 2020 behind,
with this taste of quarantine and isolation,
we made a different song.
As different are the days we live.
An ultimate, lonely, dancing sob.
I want my bars back…
Dance responsibly.
Shout freedom

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