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9. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

…thirsty little thorns took my blood, SINGLE: AVA VEGAS – The Bloom Is off the Rose

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Ava Vegas

by Walter Price

In this modern era, it’s easy to pick a strain that’s complicating our ability to feel sane. Politics, racial injustice, police brutality, pandemic, and so on. The debut single from Berlin poptress Ava Vegas, “The Bloom Is off the Rose”, is a faded-love song in a new world were said complications seem more intense and ready to form cracks in what was once sturdy. Whatever that may be to you.

Cause the roses you once grew for me in your own backyard
Lost their color, lost their smell,
they’re covered now in dust
The roses you once grew won my heart, won my love
But their thirsty little thorns took my blood,
so I cut them off

While one listener will interpret Vegas’ poignant lyrics, delivered in a voice reminiscent of Juice Newton or perhaps Kim Carnes, as the subsequent overwhelming sadness and debris of a relationship on the skids, the next observer may find something more of the times. Maybe this song is a devastating farewell to the lives we once lived…not all that long ago. As with any well-written song, this single will land differently for each who absorbs its haunting sincerity.

The accompanying film, directed by Anna Belvedere and Vegas, is a granular trek through LA at twilight. Along the way, cameos are made by infamous Tinseltown landmarks, as the lighting and handheld shots give the sense of a bygone moment in time. A visual souvenir, a stunner that mirrors and further strengthens already powerful lyrics.


Artist photo by Saga Sig.

Written, arranged and performed by Ava Vegas
Production: Tim Roth, Drangsal
Bass: Johannes Weber
Mixing: Tim Roth
Mastering: Joe Lambert, Addi 800

Directed by Anna Belvedere and Ava Vegas
Edit: Einar Snorri, Katla Sólnes
With: Ava Vegas, Mundi Vondi, Anna Belvedere, Noah Rosa, Mike Stroud, Christian Rosa, Boosie, Glue

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The roses you once grew won my heart, won my love
But their thirsty little thorns took my blood,
so I cut them off

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