Arik Dov
17. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

…dreams to take me away, VIDEO/SINGLE: ARIK DOV – “The Man”

Arik Dov – The Man, is available at Bandcamp.

Arik Dov

by Walter Price

There are plenty of singer-songwriters creating heartfelt songs. Tunes that soundtrack the emotional moments and journeys of our lives. But only a few can deliver the sort of soul-stirring lyrics like San Francisco born storyteller, Arik Dov. And as you take in his recent 4-track EP, ‘The Man’, you can’t help but fall deep into his thoughts. Sentiments only made stronger by Dov’s indelible vocals…

I’ve got dreams to take me away
to fill the gaps in my heart that I’ve dug
I’ve got so many things to say
is my tongue too confident for love

and I thrive in the weirdest space
enough is never enough
and I don’t care if I burn out
cuz I’ll burn out bright doing what I love

Cuz I’m the man when I’m feeling high
and I’m damned when I lose my mind
I’m a million different shades of the same damn color
but i just can’t decide

And to introduce you to this set, check out the title-track and its video, filmed in the beautiful city of Leipzig Germany. A nice calling card for the place the GTC calls home.


Artist photo via YouTube // Video by Arik Dov (and Tobias Polze)

Bass: Martin ‘Malo’ Riebel
Violin: Jörg Blumenstein
Mix: David Jonathan
Cover art: Claudia Friedrich

Arik Dov

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As Arik began to gain the attention of his audience all over Europe, he began to expand and rethink the traditional folk music he was raised on, with the help of German experimental bassist, artist, and producer, Martin “Malo” Riebel, harnessing a more dynamic and orchestral approach to his music.” – EPK

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